Nick's Variation on the Blues

Words & Music by Tony Tedeschi

Jim Treutlein, lead vocal; Mark Newman, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, bass;
Shawn Murray, drums.

Nick wrestles how what he wanted to do with his life came into conflict with his father’s needs and plans for his son to take over the family business.  The holder of a business degree and MBA, Nick envisions a life conquering Wall Street, not running a business with “grease on his hands.”  Nonetheless, when his father suffers a series of heart attacks, he is forced to take over the business, which he can see is harnessed to the decisions of one large account and therefore vulnerable to that client.  When the company loses that business, it does go under.  The demon Nick wrestles here is: was he subconsciously partially responsible because of his lack of interest in the company?  He can’t shake blame for the collateral damage done to the company’s employees.  “Putting men out of work, all their families in hurt.  Did I do all I could do?”  And, since his father is now dead, there remains no way to reconcile a relationship that was probably irreconcilable anyway.