A hot car is the symbol for Nick’s coming of age and joining the in-crowd.  But the song ends establishing the deep issues he has with his father, who wants to control his life choices and uses the gift of an un-hot car to represent that.  “I’m taken aback,” Nick sings.  “Hands me the keys to an old fogey Cadillac . . . now how the hell do I join their hot car parade?”  The subtext: here college-educated big shot.  You don’t want to take over management of the shop?  Here’s a caddy from your daddy.  Drive the big car down to Wall Street. 

Hot Car Parade

Words & Music by Tony Padula & Tony Tedeschi
Mark Newman, lead vocal and backing vocals; Naomi Margolin, backing vocals;Mark Newman, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, bass; Shawn Murray, drums.