Blue (A Muse)

Eddie realizes that, in his need to be recognized for his writing, he has spent a lifetime trying to please agents and editors at the expense of his art.  In this final song, he sees that, in the process, he had abandoned his muse, whom he now seeks to rediscover.  He names her “Blue” and asks her to return.  “Blue, where are you?  Tell me where I go to look for you?”  He sees that his muse “has the motive and the means to resupply my dreams, from your reservoir of melodies that counterpoint my memories.”  When she does return, he accepts her and writes the play the audience has been watching all along.   

Words & Music by Tony Tedeschi
Tony Tedeschi, lead vocal; John Henry Trinko, piano, synth vibes; Doug Kwartler, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, background vocals; Doug Drewes, upright bass; Michael Leuci, drums.