This is Emily’s breakout song.  Unlike Sara, Emily is not college-educated, not as pushy, but no less intelligent or determinant of what she wants out of life.  Her transformation is from the stereotyped young woman who just wants to marry a handsome man who does well in business and sets her up as a woman of means, content to spend her days at the country club.  Not so for this emergent woman.  Emily sees women taking the reins all around her and pursues her course, in her own way.  She is encouraged throughout by the chorus, representative of these new women.  “Don’t put your dreams away for even one more day” . . . until finally, “Say hello to the new Emily.”

Words & Music by Tony Tedeschi
Liz Queler lead vocal, backing vocals; Mark Newman, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, bass; Seth Farber, accordion; Shawn Murray, drums.

A Woman of Means