The opening song, establishes Pleasantville, in the “Eisenhower ‘50s.”  For the youthful Nick, life is better than good “on a one-to-ten, my street’s an eleven.”  However, things are about to change.  It’s 1955; Bill Haley and the Comets hit the top of the pop charts with “Rock Around the Clock.” Rock ‘n’ Roll is born and everything begins to change.  It throws open the door to “Leaving Pleasantville.”  Leaving is disconcerting, because  . . . “there’s something in the wind I can’t deny and it’s blowin’ around things I thought were mine.”  Nonetheless, “the days just keep running away with me.”

11th Street

Words & Music by Tony Padula & Tony Tedeschi. Tony Tedeschi, vocal; Mark Newman, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, bass; Shawn Murray, drums.